doNUT! (donutgirl) wrote in prov_zine_fest,

Seeking Submissions!

Hi all,

Like to draw? Even in really inappropriate venues and situations? Good! Cuz I'm starting up a zine for doodlers. It's called Doodlebug, and I'm trying to put together the first issue right now. Here are the rules:

1. the drawing has to be pen and paper (as opposed to something done in MacPaint. Computer drawings are great, but Doodlebug is more old skool).
2. it has to be on paper intended for something else, e.g. notebook paper, newspaper, backs of fliers, receipts, algebra exams, etc. But not a sketch pad.
3. it probably should be black and white, since it will be xeroxed.
4. If you want to submit a title or poem or short essay about the work, that's encouraged, but not required.

Please mail your submissions by Wednesday, June 22nd to:

Doodlebug Magazine
223 Lynch St, Apt. 2
Providence, RI 02908

Feel free to send photocopies, or if you want your originals back, include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Or, if you have a scanner, you can send .GIFs or .JPGs to

(And if you live in Providence, you can totally just hand me your stuff whenever.)

Oh yeah, one more thing: All contributors get a free copy of the zine! I'll even pay shipping.
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